Anonymous asked: I love Love LOVE the way you draw Juvia :3 Keep on Keepin' on, babe! :*


Anonymous asked: JD your artwork is awesome. I such a fan. I love baby cute Juvia and baby smartass gray. Will there be more mermaid and sharkboy doodles plz xxx

thank very much ^^

i  dunno yet

Anonymous asked: я люблю вас. вы удивительна.

im not sure but ok?

Anonymous asked: This is really out of the ordinary , but I really suck at drawing hands , and your art is AMAZING , so can you , like help me or something if you can ??? Thanks !!!

im sry anon but 

I cant draw them TT________TT i do it somehow  

Anonymous asked: What tool do you use for coloring? btw do studying art or something ??

i use the yoooo tool xD no kidding i use the marker 

and no im studying architecture but recently i want so hard to change study path bc its bothering me  OTL I want to study art 

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Anonymous asked: would you ever do a screen cap redraw from your favorite fairy tail episode or scene?

actually i did this with the manga here a lil one with sting 

and with my fav gruvia/bloody gray moment ;_;

but i didnt it with the anime , so here is my fav moment of that  charming zookeepr lyonimage



fairy mage replied to your post: I dont care but

Yes I saw ALOT of your art reposted there! :( I think you should start watermarking, then it be fairer for you!

actually i didn’t expect that someone would really repost or even download my stuff :I i’m kinda surprised.. in a good way o but yeah i should totally watermark my stuff tho :U

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Anonymous asked: This is a pretty weird thing to ask, but when I draw I just can't seem to get legs right so everyone ends up wearing dresses, or being legless... which makes for really bad art, help?

i’m not good in explaining things OTL but i show you how i draw legs.

okay first some Leg - anatomy - analysis

what do we see here image nope not wieners, those are legs & what do we see here image nope not legs but some hotdogs xD

its about wieners anon 

since we have this really important insight about legs, we can try  to draw them

imagenow add the wiener’s to that circle *chougs*looks more like a egg *chougs*image






difference between back and front image

okay now some moving legsimage

okay for the boy legs u use a box | sidenote i cant draw  them really well -.- still learning  image




and the same thing with the backside


ooookay enough wieners for today 

Anonymous asked: Omg that gruvia though ♥♥♥♥ I love your drawing style!

thanks ;U;

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lulu2222 replied to your post: I dont care but

I have the same problem! I saw some of my artwork and they cropped the signature. I felt really upset about it DX Honestly, it’s really annoying to see such things happening DX

yeahh its kinda mean if they cut of your name -.- tho i dont sign  my stuff that much so yeah its also kinda my fault -.-

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Anonymous asked: Who do you think Juvia is Brotps with? For me it's a tie between Gajeel and Lucy.

yes to gajeel and lucy AND meredy ;U;

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Your OTP?

Your NOTP?

every kind ofship wheregrayor juvia is with some else 
Your hobby?

Describe yourself with one word?

Most favorite character?

 is johnny depp a character…he is isnt he?i cant decide
Favorite quote?

Out of sight, out of mind.
Least favorite character?

at the moment ive no idea :I

Favorite movie? 

the fall, pans labyrinth, hachiko, i am sam, forrest gump, tangled,  pirat of the caribbean, charlie chocolate factory sleepy hollow actually all movies with johny depp <33, princess mononoke actually all ghibli movies ,all the hangover movies all movies with willsmith, The Raid 1 +2  all and some more xD

Favorite song?


Three most favorite series?

Scrubs, prince from bel air, the walking dead, game of thrones, the big bang theory 

Random fact about yourself!

i cant get enough of pancakes 

I dont care but

DUDE!  I saw that some of yo,  repost my stuff on instagram, well i dont have instegram, someone just told me that there are some drawing of mine

and i dont care if someone repost my stuff but please Do Not remove my signature or credit me at least -.-

Anonymous asked: Ohmygod you draw very cute babies no matter what the ship is

thank you