Anonymous asked: MINERVA IS SO CUTE

she is °U°

dooshiedoosh replied to your post: Fire Vs Icethey are forever bros!

Yuub’s, it’s really nice! Why is Gray’s guild stamp backwards tho?

*cough*drawing mistake*cough*

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neko-slayer asked: Do you ship inukago and what do you for kikyo?

I ship inukago and i ship kikiyo with narake… narake right ?? ehhmm you know that bad spider dude  :P

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Juvia is speaking normal O-O?! Will she continue doing this ??

Yuuba likes it, Yuuba has less to write now :DD

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blanania replied to your post: blanania replied to your post: blanan…

anything you want, just AU is fine XD

Gotcha :DD

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Anonymous asked: Do you watch blue exorcist? Your new thumbnail is rin okumura 0.o

yes :D!

Ur and Gruvia

 Ponyo crossover <3

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Anonymous asked: How do you think will Miraxus kids look like?

i dont know

Anonymous asked: Yubba-senpai, can I edit your art as my iphone wallpaper?

yeah sure do whatever you want

blanania replied to your post: anonym sagte:Do you ship Sticy? O…

i need a big hi-5 on this

EHMM im sorry this is more an 



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Anonymous asked: Do you ship Sticy? Or any other crack ships? (just curious)

i guess sticy is sting x lucy right ? if so then no i ship sting and minerva and bixanna lyonxmeredy and a lil rogue x kagura

Anonymous asked: No yuuba Jason looks just like pewds

ok lemme check




and again pewds


Anonymous asked: What are you're NOTPS?

graylu and … geez I have no idea ehh , gimme a list of  couples and i can tell you :D