onigiri-kennedy asked:
hiii yuuba *.*, me love your art so much a a a a a a a it makes me fangirl every time i pass by, specially our baby gruvia *.* ,,, anoooo saa, did you considered making a live stream for you drawing with ur fans *.*? if not, please do it will be awesome seeing you draw live .. *goes back to fangirl about your drawings*

THANK YOU ! ..if someone wants to join  .. I will try to stream later

Anonymous asked:
yuuba(.)tumblr(.)com/post/92286240124 <— RIGHT IN THE HEART OTL. AND YOU HAD TO ADD *THE* BUTTERFLY. You make shipping life for gruvia x silver a much better place :'D

AHH thanks !cool that you noticed the butterfly,it represent juvia <3 haha gray meets her when he was a baby xP

Anonymous asked:
Silver and Erza should team up as cupids to give a little push on Gruvia!❤️❤️❤️

THIS Plan yusss!

Anonymous asked:
I used to like lyvia until I saw your blog now gruvia is my second OTP Gajevy will forever be my first but I really love gruvia now

high five bby!!! and gajevy is my second <3

Anonymous asked:
I know it isn't your first which was caused me to send this. Simply ignore it or say a simple "sorry but no cause I don't ship it" The anon may be new, young thus innocent.. No need to get pissed off. You will just come off as a rude person.

i wasnt pissed of at all I just love willo gifs :)  but u seem to be pissed off am i right ?


Anonymous asked:
I'm not the same anon and I don't care if you never draw them but you can reply with a better attitude.

ehmm u mean graylu right?? anon im sry but idont understand the other anon?? i mean my entire blog is full with gruvia so way is anon asking me lol? and also this is not the first graylu request :I idk i didnt mean to be rude or something -.-‘